In the Beginning


Every great adventure has a beginning, and so does this story…

For as long as he can remember owner John Circone loved superheroes. From Batman 66′ (it was just called Batman back then) to the SuperFriends on Saturday mornings (We actually had to wait until Saturday to watch our shows). John couldn’t get enough of them and he loved to imagine he was his favorite hero… Batman. He would don his crime fighting  uniform (usually a bath towel pinned around his neck and underwear over his pants) and protect the neighborhood from evil (until the street lights came on).

Also a lover of Star Trek and SciFi on TV, John was blown away in May of 1977 when he was transported to a galaxy far, far, away for the first time. With the acquisition of his first Star Wars figure (a Stormtrooper) John’s collecting obsession began. From the original 12 figures to the next 9 and beyond, every figure had to be his. From early October through December each year, many a night was spent studying the pages of the Sears Christmas catalog (There was no such thing as the internet) and subtly leaving hints about the treasures he wanted for Christmas. John would not rest until he had collected them all.

In the early 1980’s John began collecting comic books and his obsession was in full force again. John would stop by the corner store every day on his way home from school and spend his unused lunch money on comic books. Excited (and hungry) John would race home to devour his latest comic book (and a sandwich). Later after becoming an employed and productive member of society, John would head to the comic book shop every week to spend his hard earned money on as many books as he could carry. Long boxes were quickly filled and the rest as they say is history. It was in these years that the idea of owning a comic book store first formed.

In the 1990’s with High School and College behind him, John entered the workforce as a Store Manager for Radio Shack. With a new wife and family, he focused his energy on his career in retail but the idea of owning that comic book store never truly left. After a few unsuccessful attempts over the years to get it off the ground, John put the idea on the back burner and continued to work for the man.

Fast forward 20 odd years to early 2015.  After 25 rich and rewarding years working in retail John decided he’d had about as much fun as any one man truly deserved. Once again the idea to open the Comic Book store reared it’s ugly head. After much consultation (and begging) with his wife he decided that now was the time.

On September 26, 2015 Arkham Comics & Games opened it’s doors and quickly became the most successful (and only) comic book and collectible store in Pearland,TX.

Stay tuned for more to come. Same Bat time, same Bat channel….